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Cannabiotix - French Alps - 0.75G - Pre Roll

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Soaring to new highs, this cross between Paris OG and Kush Mountains checks all the boxes for gas heads. Slightly piney and lemony, these diesel fuel nugs glisten with frosty trichomes, featuring multi-colored leaves with wild wispy orange hairs. Top level OG kush flavor on this delightful smoke, roll up and become one with your couch. Tranquil, relaxing, and sedating, this strain is ideal for those seeking pain relief and/or needing help with sleeping.
Cannabiotix (often stylized CBX) is a boutique cannabis company founded in Southern California in 2014 by expert cultivators Neema and JB. Today, the company is owned and operated by Samari and childhood best friend Eran Haroni. Neem the dream and Bones grew up in SoCal together, born and raised on the beaches of Santa Monica with shared dreams of one day having a weed company with one specific goal in mind: to be able to provide their friends and family with the craziest weed they have ever seen or smoked.
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