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DIME Industries™

DIME Industries™ - White - Universal 510 Thread Battery

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Introducing our new 4th generation battery.

Most powerful and reliable battery in the industry.• Stainless Steel, Ceramic & Glass are the only materials used in building our 1000mg tank. No coils or wicks are used, but instead we inverted two ceramic plates that preserve our proprietary flavor profiles. “No-Waste Atomizer” designed to ensure no oil is wasted and allows consumers to enjoy every drop. 14mm mouthpiece allows you to use a “Bong” or “Rig” to consume your 1000mg tank. Battery and Tank designed to work in tandem to provide proper vaporization of cannabinoids at 425°f to 480°f giving users a dab-like high. Increased air flow and larger coil provides effortless large hits.
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