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Emerald Sky

Emerald Sky - Hybrid Milk Chocolate - 100MG - 20 Count

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Need a sweet treat to take the edge off? Try Emerald Sky's delicious milk chocolate peanut butter cups -- infused with a tasteless hybrid THC, they will give the a perfectly balanced high. Creamy and flavorful, each cup is individually wrapped. 20 servings per package. Each serving contains 5 mg of THC, using a proprietary dosing technology. Vegetarian.
Our founder, Josh Taylor, started Emerald Sky in 2018 out of his home kitchen in San Francisco. With over 30 years of experience crafting natural confections and a love for cannabis (since his college days), he invented the first Infused Licorice ever. His vision was to bring people something brand new, extremely delicious, and reliably dosed. With the cooperation, expertise, and endless devotion of Emerald Sky co-founder Nathan Wyss, this vision came true. Soon, the two candy-makers found a unique technological solution for accurate dosage control and went about making Emerald Sky one of California’s most diversified brands of edibles.
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