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High 90's - Milk & Cookies - 2.5G - High Fives Bubble Hash Infused Pre Roll Pack

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Milk and Cookies is like a dessert for your brain, blending the best of Cookies N Cream and Triple OG. This Indica-dominant strain serves up relaxation with a side of giggles and munchies, making it a top pick for chilling out and tackling stress. With its nutty, earthy, and vanilla notes, it's the ultimate comfort snack without the calories. And those buds? Covered in orange trichomes and crystals. Perfect for a laid-back night in or a snack-time boost, Milk and Cookies hits the spot every time.

Introducing Bubble Hash Infused High Fives, the ultimate multi-pack of 0.5 gram pre-rolls (2.5 grams total). What’s Bubble hash? A type of hashish made using a solventless extraction method. Like traditional hash, it is a concentrated form of cannabis resin glands, or trichomes, and varies in color from light blonde to dark brown.
Born out of the love for the ‘90s, High 90’s is a licensed cannabis brand that strives to deliver consistent cannabis products to all consumers. Founded in 2019, we combined our passion for cannabis and our love for California culture to introduce The Sweetest High with our introductory product line of wax infused pre-rolls. We’ve now expanded into many more product categories including flower, vapes and extracts.
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