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High 90's

High 90's - Purple Cronutz - 3.5G

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Lineage: Purple Runtz x Zonut

Top Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Flavor & Aroma: Vanilla, Sweet, Grapefruit

Effects: Uplifting, Relaxing

Introducing Purple Cronutz, the ultimate indica strain that's as delightful as your favorite donut. Born from the sweet union of Purple Runtz and Zonut, this strain is a confectionery masterpiece, offering luscious vanilla, sweet, and grapefruit flavors that will glaze your taste buds with joy.

Purple Cronutz is like taking a bite out of a donut shop special—think "sweet pastry with vanilla frosting." Each puff delivers a smooth, robust smoke that keeps its delectable flavor right to the last crumb. Visually, it's a treat too, with clumpy, colorful nugs in shades of violet and light green, making it as eye-catching as it is tasty. Celebrate National Donut Day with Purple Cronutz, donut miss out on this one!


What the dispensary says
Born out of the love for the ‘90s, High 90’s is a licensed cannabis brand that strives to deliver consistent cannabis products to all consumers. Founded in 2019, we combined our passion for cannabis and our love for California culture to introduce The Sweetest High with our introductory product line of wax infused pre-rolls. We’ve now expanded into many more product categories including flower, vapes and extracts.
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