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Originals - King Louie - 3.5G

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The King Louie strain, aka King Louis XIII, is one of the most popular OG Kush varieties that has become legendary on the West Coast. It comes from crossing OG Kush with LA Confidential. Originals’ cut of King Louie has a classic Kush appearance and is extremely loud. Our King Louie has a funky lemony stench and spicy kick that may rocket you into deep relaxation.

A blast of sweet hoppy gas will erupt from your jar when you pop the lid on our King Louie. You can immediately tell you’re dealing with a powerful OG. When you crack a nug open, a secondary wave of tart, spicy funk comes that hints at King Louie’s potential pain-relieving qualities. Dark and pale green nugs make up its appearance, with bright orange pistils weaving out. The yellowed trichomes that wrap around each nug extend into the interior like hairy glue.


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