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Cream Of The Crop - Kush N Cake - 1G - Live Resin Vape

Kush n Cake is a hybrid strain known for its relaxing effects and potent aroma. A cross between Pure Kush x Wedding Cake, it inherits a sweet and fruity flavor profile with hints of grape and earthy undertones. This strain typically produces dense, resinous buds that showcase its high THC content and impressive trichome coverage. Users often report feeling deeply relaxed and sedated after consuming Kush n Cake, making it an ideal choice for evening use or unwinding after a long day. With its calming effects and enjoyable flavor, Kush n Cake has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts seeking relief from stress, pain, and insomnia.
Cream of the Crop is the ultimate in cannabis connoisseurship. Our top-shelf flower and concentrates are cultivated with an uncompromising attention to detail and quality by master cultivators who take pride in their craft. This dedication to quality allows us to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience. So, when life demands the very best, we’ve got you. Indulge in excellence. Elevate every experience. Treat yourself to the Cream of the Crop. You deserve it.
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