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Friendly Brand - The Smokers Club x Blast Off - 1G - Cured Resin All In One

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Friendly Brand x The Smoker's Club

Blast Off - Sativa

To 3.5 grams and beyond!!! Blast Off has to be from another life form, and you know it the moment you smell the gassy sweet citrus herbal notes. Then with combustion it is to the moon for premium petrol and fresh fruits, or so it seems. The heavy head and mild body high will have you feeling like you are floating through time and space with a cosmic candy treat…now take me to your dealer

Aroma: Gassy sweet citrus, herbal notes

Palate: Fuel on inhale, with citrus sweet exhale

Experience: head high- mild body high - calming and peaceful

Hold onto your hats (and your vapes) because our Live Resin ALL-IN-ONE is a full gram of heaven! It's not just a gram; it's a gram-tastic experience that's high in value and flavor!

Say goodbye to the dreaded red battery signal. Our ALL-IN-ONE come with a chargeable battery, so you're always ready to light up the scene. Don't let the party stop!

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