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Raw Garden™ - Unicorn Cake - 1G - Refined Live Resin All In One

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Unicorn Cake 1.0G Ready-to-Use Refined Live Resin™ Pen

Wedding Cake x Raspberry Punch x Island Splash Dough Fruity Kush


Things just got BIGGER! Our new and improved Ready-to-Use is now available in 1.0G with charger included.

Immerse yourself in our 13x award-winning single source Refined Live Resin™️ that Raw Garden consumers have cherished. We've taken what you love and supersized it, offering an even more satisfying experience.

No trim, no additives, ever. Just 100% pure cannabis, delivered straight in its unadulterated, delightful form. Designed with convenience in mind, it’s pre-charged, Truly Disposable™️, and discreet.

With the Earth in mind, our Ready-to-Use Pens are designed with true disposability. The cartridge and battery can be separated, allowing you to reuse or recycle the battery and minimize environmental impact. Embrace sustainability without compromising convenience.

Enhance your vaping experience with the epitome of purity and simplicity – Raw Garden's 1.0g Ready-to-Use Vape Pen.
From seed to sale we nurture the complete lifecycle of the cannabis plant, producing ethical and accessible cannabis products for everyone.
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