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Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters - Insane OG - 1.5G - Infused Pre Roll Pack

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Heavy Hitters Diamond THCA Joints are hand rolled with sticky, premium indoor flower sourced from California’s premier growers. Visibly infused with rough-cut 99%+ pure THCA Diamonds, these heavy hitting joints offer a substantially more potent, incredibly cerebral high.

Crafted for true flower enthusiasts, we seek out rare and hard-to-get strains. From landrace classics to innovative genetics, we rotate our Diamond menu to provide the best available options.

A three-way cross of classic powerhouse strains makes Insane OG a truly heavy smoke. Enjoy the flavor of crisp and piney OG blended with the sweetness of Bubba Kush followed by GDP notes of dark berries as your body and mind are enveloped by heavy waves of relaxation.

Strain Type: Indica

Taste Profile: Pine, Sweet, Fruity

Effect Profile: Heavy, Euphoric, Sleepy

Lineage: OG Kush x Bubba Kush x Granddaddy Purple
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